Frequent Questions

Voucher Questions

Q: My voucher didn’t arrive?

A: Often emails get automatically filtered into your ‘junk’/marketing folder in your email program. Check every folder and remember to unmark it as junk/marketing so future ones arrive in your inbox.
You can also access all your vouchers by Signing In to your account.
All your vouchers are linked to your email address, if you have not yet created an account, simply register with your email and your vouchers will automatically appear. If you still cant find it, please contact us.

Q: How long are 2-fore!-1 vouchers valid for?

A: 2-fore!-1 vouchers are valid for 3 months from the purchase date, unless otherwise stated on the deal terms. The expiry date is shown on the voucher. Multipack credit packs are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Q: Can I extend a voucher that I did not use?

A: Vouchers expire on the date shown, however if you have any special circumstances you can contact us.


Q: Can I take a copy of the voucher on my phone?

A: Generally – vouchers need to be printed and given to the club on arrived, however please check with the club when booking as more are now able to accept these electronically therefore meaning you may no longer need to print.

Q: If I can’t print my voucher, can you send it to the club for me?

A: As a last resort, if you are away from a printer or do not have internet access, we can do this for you with 48 hours notice. As per above check if the course is happy to take an electronic version.

Q: Do you post vouchers out at all?

A: No, all vouchers are online and you receive them instantly via email and in your account.

Account & Email Questions

Q: How do I receive my voucher?

A: You will receive your voucher instantly on purchase – both via email and in your account.

Q: I can’t access my account – what do I do?

A: Try resetting your password. If this doesn’t work please contact us and we will arrange this for you.

Q: Do i need to tell the club I have a 2-FORE!-1 voucher when I book?

A: Yes. You MUST tell the club as they may have allocated tee times for the vouchers

Q: How many vouchers do I need?

A: One voucher will cover 2 players, so paying full price for one player with the other going free. So Two vouchers for 4 players and so on. Green Fees are all payable at the course of arrival and are not paid to us.

Q: I have purchased a credit pack, how do I get my vouchers?

A: Once you have purchased a credit pack your account on our site will be allocated with the value of the amount of vouchers that you purchased. Find the course you wish to play and go through the same “buying” process and add the course voucher to the checkout cart. Once in the cart your credit will show and once you submit the order the voucher will automatically be generated and the amount will deduct from your credit. Please make sure you are logged into your account before doing this process.

Payments & Refund Questions

Q: What do I pay at the golf course?

A: Each course has a price “guide” on their 2-fore!-1 page and the details also appear on the voucher. Please check with club for exact rate on the day you wish to play when you book over the phone as prices can change on a regular basis. Please note green fee prices are subject to change and vouchers do not apply to special rates that the course may run. Your Green Fee must be paid to the club on arrival along with presentation of your voucher. Some courses will accept the vouchers based only on the their “Day Rate”

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: Normally refunds are not available but we will endeavour to resolve any situation for you.

Q: I don’t have a PayPal account, how can I pay?

A: You can check out as a guest and pay with any credit/debit card.

Credit / Multi-Voucher Packs

Q: How does a credit pack work?

A: After you purchase a multi-pack, we automatically credit your account with the amount required to purchase the vouchers at your leisure. Credit lasts 12 months – so you can choose your vouchers anytime within a year from purchasing the credit pack.

Q: How long are credit packs valid for?

A: All credits packs are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Company & Historical questions

Q: Who operates 2-fore!-1?

A: 2-fore!-1 is part of the Golf Network which also operates Golf Market and Golf Deals Group websites. With over 230,000 subscribers, the Golf Network is one of the largest golf promotion companies in the UK.

Q: Can I use credit from the old 2fore1 website?

A: The old old 2-fore-1 website was operated by Today’s Golfer and was closed in Feb 2017. All customers were notified in advance and any credit/vouchers needed to be used before May 2017.
The Golf Network cannot verify previous purchases with Todays Golfer – and any previous credit purchased would be more than 12 months old. However, please contact us if you have any questions about this and we will do our best to help.

Q: Is there an Open Course voucher?

A: No, each course has its own specific voucher with their own terms & conditions.

Q: When is High & Low Season?

A: Low & High seasons can vary depending on each individual club. As all the courses can be different we suggest checking with the course you wish to play and confirm the exact rate due on your preferred day.

Q: What hours are you open?

A: We are open Monday-Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm. If you require us at the Weekend calls may be answered by our out of hours team but this is not guaranteed. If you e-mail at the Weekends we will try to reply within 12 hours. Generally on Weekends calls may not be answered so e-mail communication is better at this time.