2-FORE!-1 will always remain open during this challenging time. We are here to help!

Update 12th January 2022
Although courses are slowly returning to normal we please request that you check the course availability still prior to purchasing your course vouchers. There may be some courses that appear on the site that still may not be able to accept vouchers at this time. We appreciate your co-operation & patience during this difficult time. If you require any assistance please e-mail us and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Although our phone lines are open we are running on a skeleton staff so e-mail will be your best form of contact.

Update 22nd February 2021
As per the Government announcement Golf Courses are due to open again on the 29th March. Please note that again certain restrictions at some courses may still apply. Please follow the below instructions prior to purchasing your vouchers at this time. We will of course still endeavour to assist customers with any vouchers that may require extending. If you require any assist with a voucher please get in touch by e-mailing us

Update 4th January 2021
Unfortunately we are back to a full national lockdown meaning all Golf Courses must close. We are again here to assist with extending any vouchers you may have. Please bear with us during these difficult times and e-mailing us is currently the best form of contact and we will endeavour to reply within 24 hours.

Update 20th December 2020
Some courses are now subject to Tier 4 restrictions. Click Here for Tier 4 guidelines .

Update 2nd December 2020
Golf Courses in some areas will now open. Please note that certain restrictions at some courses may still apply. Please follow the below instructions prior to purchasing your vouchers at this time. We will of course still endeavour to assist customer with any vouchers that may require extending.

Please follow the government advice and each courses requirement and follow social distancing and appropriate guidelines. Click Here for guidelines as of 13th May 2020. Click Here for guidelines as of 1st June 2020

If you have a current Voucher and are having difficulty playing/booking please see below for your options.

Any voucher that cannot be used due to the virus or temporary closures will be extended as long as needed. No need to worry. Please Contact us with your voucher number and this will be dealt with at the earliest convenience. If you have credit that you have been unable to use please let us know and we will endeavour to extend this for you.

Some clubs may enforce restrictions and we encourage you to understand the guidelines upon booking your round with the club.

We ask that you to respect each individual club’s guidelines and be patient during this once in a lifetime situation. Please note some clubs may only be accepting Member Only tee time bookings after re opening and may not be able to accept visitors or 2-FORE!-1 vouchers.

Some clubs may not accept the 2-FORE!-1 vouchers for a period after re-opening due to demand. Also some clubs may only accept member bookings for a while. We are unable to establish the position of all the clubs in the scheme at this time so please check with each course before purchasing a voucher at this time. We hope this of course will improve in time and more clubs will be able to accept 2-FORE!-1 vouchers again. We request that you are patient during what are unprecedented times and until the golf industry can return to some element of normality.

Also green fee prices are changing on a regular basis during this difficult period. Please check when booking what the current rate is for use with your voucher. Although your voucher will show a “guide price” these may have been changed after the re opening. Some course will accept the vouchers based only on the their “Day Rate”. We are unable at this difficult time to contact every club in the scheme to ascertain their position on fees and voucher acceptance.

Some clubs may only been operating an online tee booking system that may also request a pre payment. Please DO NOT book pay for your tee time via these systems. 2-Fore!-1 vouchers will NOT work on these systems. We suggest calling the club and ask if you are able to still book over the phone. They may still request that you pay prior to arrival so they can maintain minimum contact at the club on arrival. If you still have issues booking and have a voucher for this specific club please Contact us and we will assist you to either get a time booked or re credit your voucher to use at another course.

We have come across some clubs that are stating they are no longer accepting the vouchers. Some of these clubs may not have informed us of this and may still appear on our site. Certain clubs may be having to take a temporary break from accepting the voucher due to the pandemic. If you do find a club that you have issues with please let us know via e-mail here Contact us. Some clubs may have a note on their page stating they may not be able to take the voucher as present.

Please note you MUST let the golf club know that you have a 2-FORE!-1 voucher when bookings over the phone and check the current rate due, as this will avoid any issues on arrival.

As per the Terms & Conditions no refunds are being provided, however, extensions (as outlined above) or credit back on the 2-FORE!-1 site to use in the future will be provided if you cannot use your voucher(s) due to the the virus or any temporary closure.

This will support the clubs in the future and help rebuild our industry again. We ask for everyone to be patient during this very difficult time.

Contact us if you need help